Welk huidtype heb ik?

The first step to beautiful skin

The first step to beautiful skin is discovering what skin type you have. And now most people say, I've known that for a long time. But it is very likely that you are wrong. 80% of people have no idea.
Every skin is different.

Your skin condition also varies with the year, with the seasons and sometimes even with the day.
Finding out what skin type you have is sometimes quite difficult to do yourself.

Care products
Different care products can also make determining your skin type quite impossible. Aggressive ingredients in cosmetics can make healthy skin dry, sensitive or even impure. As a result, your skin may show symptoms that have nothing to do with your skin type.
Therefore, get good advice from a Spabron beautician.

Skin problems
We cause many skin problems ourselves by damaging our skin.
The most important function of the skin is that it forms a barrier between your body and the outside world.

You can think of your skin as a coat for your body. The skin protects you against external influences, bacteria, viruses, moisture, dirt, heat and cold.
This function is important for your health. If this function remains intact, your skin will look good, smooth and shiny.

Pimples, impurities, inflammation, dry spots, eczema and premature wrinkles arise or worsen because your skin for some reason was unable to do its protective work.

Wrong or incorrectly used cosmetics are often the culprit. But an unhealthy lifestyle, too much sun or stress can also damage the skin.
So it is important to use good cosmetics that are also suitable for your own skin type.

Skin types

Dry skin
Dry skin can have two causes. Your skin may be dry because the skin barrier is damaged and can no longer do its job. Compare it to a mandarin orange, which dries out when you remove the peel.
Another cause is that too little sebum is produced. Sebum ensures that the skin feels supple and that little water evaporates.
Dry skin can be recognized by a dull appearance, it has no natural shine and sometimes flakes can be seen. It shows many fine lines and often feels a bit uncomfortable and tight.

Fat skin
A characteristic of oily skin is that it shines and feels greasy.
If you suffer from pimples, this may mean that you have oily skin, but this certainly does not have to be the case. Pimples can also occur on dehydrated skin, this is usually due to the use of the wrong products because they stimulate sebum production too much.
But hormones can also play an important role.

Combined skin
Most people have combination skin, which means that parts are oilier and parts are drier.
usually the T-zone is oilier, which are the forehead, nose and chin.

Normal skin
There are also some people said to have normal skin. The skin is neither greasy nor dry, and has a beautiful natural glow.

Determine skin type

Do you think you can decide for yourself what skin type you have?
After you have decided, a number of questions are important to determine which products are suitable for your skin type.
• Is the skin sensitive?
• Do you suffer from impurities?
• Do you suffer from pigment spots?
• Do you already have signs of aging?

Once you determine your skin type and know what specific concerns you have, it doesn't mean you have to use different products to address different concerns.

With a good, mild base, every skin becomes healthier and many problems will reduce.

Do you find it difficult to analyze your skin or do you want our specialists to take a good look at your skin and give you advice?
Book your intake interview here . We like to help you!

We only have 1 skin! Take good care of yourself, but in a way that does not damage, age or irritate your skin.

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