Een droge huid

Almost everyone suffers from it at some point. Whether it is due to construction or the approaching cold weather. Having dry skin is annoying, but how do you recognize it and what exactly can you do about it?

Recognize dry skin
Dry skin is a skin type, just like oily or combination skin. Dry skin can be somewhat redder or flaky, itching is also a characteristic of dry skin. In addition, the pores are often less visible.

Dehydrated skin
Dry skin is not the same as dehydrated skin. Dehydrated skin is a skin type that requires some extra care. The skin is somewhat matt and requires good hydration. It can be quite difficult to determine for yourself what skin type you have.

For example, you could apply cucumber slices to your face. Cucumbers consist of 95 percent water and therefore nourish dry skin.

According to many, coconut oil would also be an option. This helps to hydrate the skin.

Healthy eating and drinking also contributes to healthy skin. There are also tips on what not to do. For example, do not shower too often and do not use too much soap.

In addition to all cucumbers and coconuts, it is especially important to use good care products. This way you give your skin that little bit more love. When it gets colder outside, that can make all the difference.

Facial care
The Spabron beauty salon uses Malima facial care products.

Malima products are affordable, high-quality and of natural origin.

The 'skin caress' line has been specially developed for dry skin. The line consists of a serum, balm, cream and mask.

Argan, Marula and Babassu oils all help to nourish, repair and protect dry skin.

Would you like more information or a good skin analysis? Our beauticians are ready to advise you.

Our treatments provide an immediate and significant boost for your skin.
Choose a body wrap to hydrate your entire body with a richly nourished wrap.

We use almond oil during our massages . This oil also nourishes your skin and makes it feel less dry. So relax and care at the same time!

Do you suffer from dry skin on your face? Then we recommend the Basic, Comforting, Intense, Lifting or Wellness facial treatment . Every facial treatment is adapted to your skin type.

Would you like more information or schedule an appointment ? Please feel free to contact us.

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